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Kona Kava Farm was my life, my passion, and a key part of my world until MasterCard swooped in, took $205,000.00 out of my bank account (leaving me with $150,000.00 negative balance), and accused me of selling an illegal drug through my websites in April of 2013.  This claim was wholly and completely untrue (they mistakenly included our website in a sweep of thousands of websites), but they performed a “TMF” for me and Kona Kava Farm anyway.  A “TMF” means “Terminated Merchant File”, which means that I, Keith Cleversley, am unable to process credit cards for 7 years, until 2020.

When I went to fight this, MasterCard basically alerted us that they have a massive team of lawyers and will drag this case out for years, costing me immense amounts in legal costs that I likely can’t afford.  I was informed by my attorney that for a case of this magnitude, it would cost me $50,000.00 just to get into the same ring with MasterCard.  I was basically told that there was no way for m to win this, and I had better spend my energy trying to find a way to save all of my businesses that relied on credit card processing as well as the 24+ employees who relied on that credit card processing for their wages.

So, I had to sell my share in Kona Kava Farm to my brother; Bryan Cleversley.  He and Makaira are now the only 2 owners of Kona Kava Farm.  I am still hired on to do consulting, but legally, I can no longer have anything to do with the company I have been a part of since the late 1990’s.  Kona Kava Farm was a family business for many generations.  So many tons of Kava have been grown, harvested, and in one random criminal act by a mega corporation, I was forced out of business.

You can read my OPEN LETTER TO CUSTOMERS for a more in-depth description of what happened.

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