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A few years ago, I decided to build my own airplane in Arlington, WA called a Glasair Sportsman 2+2.  (See the entire build in 6 minutes.) It ended up being a journey of my own limits as well as a personal realization and has brought me more joy than I had previously known of thought possible. What awoke in me during that 6-month intensive process was instrumental in leading me to My Practice, which is often the sole focus of my online world as of this writing. The only problem, is I spend most of my time living my life instead of documenting it so much of what I’m trying to build online is far behind the things I’m working on in real time.

Regardless, after a recent 2-year course in the Foundation of Buddhist thought and getting certified as a Zen Practitioner, I’m planning to eventually share some of what I learned via (which has a long way to go but has a complete course in Zen, and my upcoming book series and Training Course called Life & Zen.)

Previously, I had known only the music industry, and was given the opportunity to produce so many bands I adored, including Flaming Lips, HUM, Mercury Rev, Verve, Spiritualized, Posies, Urge OverkillFlickerstick, Sound of Urchinand many others.  That success subsequently built my Playground Recording Studio in Chicago, which later became WaveFront Mastering in a cozy little seaside town just north of San Diego, CA.  Producing bands, touring with them around the world; it always makes me feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet. I’ve been so deeply touched by music, and all I ever dreamed of doing with my life was to make music that touched others in the same way it touched me.

After I completed the Wavefront Mastering conversion, though, I built an 8,000 sq/ft facility from the ground up in Vista, CA called Florascience with a beyond-compliant GMP testing facility inside of it called Wonderland-Labs. My contract manufacturer ran off with most of the money I had made, and I was forced to find a very quick way to manufacture all the products my eCommerce businesses offered. That’s when Florascience bloomed. It produces everything needed to craft the highest quality products in an Alice in Wonderland themed facility that I’m currently having the time of my life with. We have a razor-sharp focus in manufacturing Kava and Kratom products (which I absolutely adore), and hope to move to Cannabis and CBD when the ban in San Diego is lifted. (The Kava products can be found on, and I also have a Kava Commentary site at Kava.Guru.)

Florascience is working better than I had imagined, and employing some of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life. The sky’s now the limit, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

On a side note, I finally decided to chase another dream; generating a steady, passive income from the stock market.

I enrolled in an accredited 2-year Chartered Market Technician course, and found that the language of the stock market was more native to my deeply analytical brain than I ever imagined it would be. I’m now generating an 18% return on my investments for about an hour a day work, 5 days a week. I know this might sound impossible, but I reecently started working on to teach other people how they can generate similar returns (for free) using the systems I’ve developed during my own training and subsequent trading efforts. It’s difficult to explain how incredibly liberating it is to watch a small amount of money grow into something that’s enough to live a comfortable life, creating plenty of time to write, make music, and listen to my plant allies.

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LONG STORY LONGER: A long time ago, I was driven by my fear of failure, and although it pushed me to accomplish more than I thought  possible, it hasn’t suited me for some time. I was a typical damaged child with an abusive childhood.  I looked to my external world for approval anywhere I could get it.  That led to countless unhealthy relationships, and allowed countless people to take advantage of me and this overactive brain of mine.

Now, I work hard to soak in as much of this life as I can, and wonder how I will ever fit all I want to do in. If I learned one thing from all my years of searching for what would bring me true joy, it’s simply this: If I’m not enjoying what I’m doing in each and every moment, then anything I accomplish will ultimately be meaningless. I treasure those who I am fortunate enough to call my dear friends, and now only wish the same joy for anyone, especially those who are dear to me.  I believe there are far more to these frames than we are ever led to believe and often ponder the spiritual side of life (see My Quantum God).

But the root of my personal world has quietly revolved around two breakthrough mystical experiences.  Those experience are what led me to give up my life as a record producer to explore the roots of my own religion (Roman Catholicism), the roots of my own spirituality, and the philosophies and religions that I thought may have held the answers I always sought. It was led me to discover my True Nature, also, more eclectically called our “Buddha Nature”.

Increasingly active and passionate in my studies of entheogens, ethnobotanicals, and Shamanism in particular, I built a business who’s main mission was to spread the word of shamanism, entheogens, and teacher plants to as many as possible in the early 2000’s. (I was one of the earliest suppliers to introduce  Salvia Divinorum and Kratom to a wider audience.)

As long as I am being as true to myself as I know how to be in as many moments as I possibly can, then I can never go wrong. My passion for life runs deep. Since nothing was ever handed to me, yet I’ve had so many dreams come true, I feel it’s possible for anyone to make the same thing happen for themselves if they dream passionately enough and have the courage to live a life on their own terms.

Keith Cleversley

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