I went through piles of old tapes, files, and drives, and found over 300 songs that had barely been started; ideas that had a beat and a few tracks added to them and then forgotten about.  In 2013, after putting music away for almost 10 years to focus almost solely on the relationship my life revolved around, the urge to pursue my music again became far too irresistible to ignore. Building a 20 hour course in Zen Buddhism at MyZen.org and writing a 5 book series called “Life & Zen” is my other current focus.

So, I’m still working to narrow those 324 demos into 4 initial albums that I plan to release all at once in the near-future.   After that initial release, I will release my 5th album later in the year, or I may, by then, release the 5th record as well.  I’m going to do this with or without label support through iTunes, taking this time to transform the chosen demos into actual productions, hopefully with a few musicians I’ve come to know through the music I’ve produced over the past 30 years. At the moment, all of these tracks are played, mixed, and produced by me, but I dream of doing them all with a band in a studio before they’re released. Time will tell.


05 The Rush v9 4:00

01. Antidote: This was going to be my first album.  I started it in 1983 when I was a pup, and it’s music that I made up to about 1995.  I recorded a few of them in various studios when I was working on other bands’ music, but never actually recorded them with a band of my own.  Included is the very first song I ever wrote at called “Favorite Star”, as well as others I recorded while working on Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips records over the years.


02. Almost Awake: This is the music I’ve been working on from 1995 to about 2005.  Most of it is as rough and raw as it gets as I can  barely get an idea down before I want to get another one started.  This has always been my issue, and another reason why none of my songs have fully realized studio versions.  Seems ironic when I’ve produced and/or engineered close to 100 albums in my 30 year music career for OTHER bands.


Songs to Oblivion03. Songs to Oblivion: The biggest roller coaster of my life, and much of the intense ride was me slowly realizing that I was in a deeply troubled relationship. These songs were written early on, perhaps not so much as traditional love songs, but songs written in response to the trauma of that time. During that difficult time, I learned what it means to truly love. For glimpses into the amazing depths as well as the deepest loneliness of life, I couldn’t be anything other than grateful.


04. Awake Now: This is the music I’ve been working on over the past 5 years. I’m not sure there’s really much evolution in my songwriting; what comes out of me seems to come out of me.  Whether I was 14 or 44…I’m not sure 30 years ago sounds any different than today.  I suppose there’s something to be said for consistency.  My problem isn’t writing songs, it’s NOT dumping 10 song ideas at a time onto my audio memos, then forgetting about them when I have 10 more the next week.


05. Still Here (Tentative): This is the project I’m working on now. I’m not sure where it’s headed yet, but songs will appear here as they get finished. This will either be released with the 4 above, or I will work on it as a separate release on 2017 or 2018.  Now, I just have to stay alive until then.



06. Journey to the Void: This is part of a large number of soundscapes I’ve written over the years. I’ve got about 30 hours of these, and plan to release at least a few of them on at least an album or two or three. When I am in deep meditation, and having out of body and non-body experiences, this is the music I have on my headphones to anchor me back in my body when it’s time to return to it.


06. The Sacred Tone:  This is a intensive project that combines finely-tuned natural rhythms and frequencies to entrain the brain to enter a deeply meditative state using binaural beats. The Earth resonates at 7.83Hz, which was discovered to be the exact frequency that experienced Tibetan monks brains resonate at when in deep meditation. I built a binaural tone generator and used it with this 60 minute meditation session that consists of ocean waves pulsing at a set frequency, combined with subtle binaural beats and “Om”. It’s a large 120MB download, so be patient.

01. ANTIDOTE (1983-1995)

01 Once in a While 3:49
02 Urban Hippies v2 3:51
03 Favorite Star i1 3:31
06 If You were a Star 4:09
10 Devil Gets Things Done 3:46

02. ALMOST AWAKE (1995-2005)

05 Feel You 3:44

03. SONGS TO OBLIVION (2005-2015)

01 Loved v22 4:01
02 You Wrecked Me v7 3:45
03 So Far Away v12b 3:49
04 Now v10 3:53
05 Calm Before the Storm v8 3:40
06 If I Were v9 5:19
07 Never Enough v9 4:07
08 Waiting for My Sunshine 1:35
09 Into the Blue v19 5:04
10 One and Only v6 2:06

04. AWAKE NOW (2015-2017)

01 Home v10 3:53
02 By Your Side v23 4:28
04 Heaven to Me v10 3:53
05 The Rush v9 4:00
06 Take My Hand v3 3:20
10 Here With Me v2b 3:58

05. Still Here (2017)

06. Journey to the Void (2005-Present)

01 Entering Space v5 12:23

07. Sacred Tone 7.83Hz (2005)

01 Sacred Tone 7.83 63:00