Go Back to Sleep America

Many years ago, I did something I rarely do; I turned on the TV. Since I didn’t have cable (and still don’t), I was stuck watching FOX news on this particular 24th of June in 1997. Oddly enough, the newscast just happened to be doing a not-so-nice story about the Federal Government and their ‘full of holes’ final word in relation to the Roswell Incident (which, important to note, happened in 1947 and NOT 1954. See the original Roswell Daily Headline on the net).

Even rarer; I had a video in the VCR as well, ready to record, enabling me to capture something that, to me, is a quintessential testament to how gullible our government thinks the American people are, as they attempted to re-write history in relation to this mysterious event.

With hundreds of ordinary people (and more than a few police) reporting seeing a UFO over Hudson Valley, there was a renewed interest in UFO’s across the country and around the world. Naturally, speculation about what really happened out in the desert of Roswell, NM over 50 years ago, was rampant. (A book about the Hudson Valley sightings called “Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings” was on Amazon.com last i checked.)

Anyway, as they have done in the past, the Federal Government cranked up their (completely real) disinformation office in the Pentagon, where a team of people’s only task is debunking stories such as this. With the internet advancing at a rapid pace, making it even easier to gather information and connect the dots, an overwhelming majority of American people believed that the government wasn’t telling us everything they new about UFO’s.

I don’t know if Little Green Men landed on our doorstep, but short of an alien body showing up next to me in bed, this video, in my opinion, is undeniable proof that our government is, without a doubt, not telling us everything in relation to the UFO phenomena and the Roswell Incident.

I’ll just let the video speak for itself…

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