My Truth Behind 9/11

I have watched so many documentaries, scoured so many websites and documents, read so many interviews, and have conducted hours of personal research and contemplation into this trgic event, and despite my leanings that lead me to distrust our Federal Government in both its intent and action, there are mountains of evidence that began piling up long before the 11th of September 2001.

If nothing else, I know that our government isn’t telling us everything, and despite the overwhelming facts such as jet fuel never being able to reach a high enough temperature to melt steel (regardless of the number of explosions or amount of fuel available to burn) as well as the mysterious fall of Building 7 (which wasn’t even touched by the jets or falling debris, a building that housed a great deal of incriminating evidence against more than a few of the largest corporations in America), there are still too many “coincidences” and unanswered questions that our Federal Government is simply banking on the fact that most Americans won’t do their own research, and instead, will buy whatever story is presented to them by the masss media.

Scientists, physicists, and other scholars have started more than one website to point out the impossibility of the towers falling, and falling in the way that they fell.  One of my favorites is 911 Truth, as is Physics911 as well.

But, we are so conditioned as a nation and culture to trust our government, that most people will trust the words of a few like Rush Limbaugh over the words of physicists, scholars, architects, blast specialists, scientists, universities, and others who’s business are these types of structural events.

Instead of spouting off yet another tired theory, I have simply started to amass as much of my research into one place, to allow anyone to make their own decisions:

9/11 TIMELINE: 1945-2000

9/11 TIMELINE: 2001-2001


I am completely open to any comments, remarks, hate mail, support, or any other corroborative evidence that anyone wants to provide. I’ll probably continue to update it until I grow weary, or move on.

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  • keith
    January 3, 2008 at 12:46 am 

    Thanks…these are the kind of links I am hoping that people offer. The more perspectives we all have, the better we all can make our own decisions as to what really happened on 9/11. Regardless, no matter what any of us believe, there is far more going on than any of us have been led to believe.

  • Nate
    January 2, 2008 at 11:31 pm 

    I have not been able to sit well with the Official Story of 9/11. All my “believer” friends ask me “why would the government do this”. Until seeing the video of Aaron Russo telling all I haven’t had a good answer for them. Now I feel this is a good reason. I can’t say that Russo’s story is true but to me, it makes more sense than the “official story”.

    Check out the story here:

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