When I almost took on a documentary, tentatively titled “Shamanism: Spirituality’s True Roots,” I thought I might be able to save myself thousands in production costs to teach myself motion graphics.  Little did I know how much I’d fall in love with After Effects and Cinema 4D.  So, I temporarily abandoned all recording studio work to spend 8-18 hours a day, every day working on learning this new craft for 50 days straight in early 2011.  Vimeo hosted my progress, complete with my small triumphs and blunders.  I had the time of my life; instead of creating 3D audio spaces I was getting to do it with visuals instead:

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I loved working on this stuff, but knew that even at my best, I’d only be able to get the animation to 75% or so at best unless I worked on it 24/7 as so many others do. And, like every other creative pursuit I eventually grew restless in (including making music for a living), this soon fell by the wayside, and BlackBoxTuts sits unfinished.  I simply didn’t have the passion or desire (or the time), but it did provide months of distraction as my restless mind continued its forward path towards MY PRACTICE, no matter what I chose to spend my time on.